Looking for the latest operating system upgrades? Let us work out the upgrade for you.

Backup and Recovery

We’ll ensure you have an effective backup solution for your business or personal needs . When you need to recovery data having solutions.

Installs and Setups

Need to install a new printer, scanner or the latest software? Let us install it for you. or if  just purchased a new PC or Mac? We’ll help you set up your new computer so it’s up and running from day one and…. just the way you want it.


Need computer support and advice? We’ll provide you with the computer support and advice you need so you can get more out of your technology.


Backup and Recovery
Installs and setups
PC & Network consultancy

If you need to have your computer fixed or have issues that are slowing down your computer or laptop feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist you in diagnosing the problem.